Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day 109

I have my computer back!

Okay the trade-off is that Spouse and Eldest went back to Chaos South today which is sad but it's kind of unbelievable to be blogging from an Actual Keyboard at only eight in the evening...and of course now I don't have one pithy or profound thing to say.  I did, however, get a steroid burst for my totally annoying psoriasis and almost as annoying stress-induced intestinal problems. Never had one myself before but everyone I know including family members say they work like a charm though Eldest said it made her bitchy and hungry and sleepy.  We shall see. And now I'll hit "save" and go put on pajamas and have some nice relaxing quiet time before doing the whole lunch-dishes-kitchen thing.


Well I think the sleepy thing is true. After writing the above I sat on the couch thinking "I'll watch a movie and knit." Decided finding the various remotes and dealing with the media server was too much work so I was thinking "I'll listen to music from my IPhone and knit." Then I was thinking "gee knitting sounds like way too much work" so I went from sitting to lying and ended up doing nothing at all for a good hour.

The hungry thing might be true too given how absolutely terrific the black-amd-white cookie (not homemade - saving the last 3 of those for Middle) tasted...tasted like another one and a small bowl of ice cream is what it tasted like. Hope the bitchy thing isn't true.

Anyhow I ended up doing Not One Thing other than the bare essentials and am now already in bed -- very much like the earliest days of sobriety, actually. Got kind of a flushed thing going on too. However for the first time in ages-and-ages (okay, a month or six weeks) my ears Don't. Freaking. Itch. Even a little bit. Praise be.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get back in the swing of things. If not that is okay too.

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