Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 115

A long day.

Had to speak at a work meeting which started at 5:30 and because I was down front I couldn't sneak out when it ran long...and longer. Got far too hungry and angry by the time it was over at 6:50.

I was a hateful vicious thing when I crossed the threshold but instead of spewing vitriol as I poured the first drink of the evening I kept my thoughts to myself and had not just one but two of the good homemade brownies. After fifteen minutes of sitting with the dog and some iced tea I was a whole new person again. Only then did I start making dinner.

It seems like a completely self-obvious and no-brainer kind of thing: come home angry, tired and hungry so rest, relax and snack first thing...but I never saw the simple solution back when it was vodka time instead. I also wouldn't have seen the equally obvious "well if you had a rotten early evening because of a work thing then take it easy tonight; don't pile on." Now, though, I have practice in avoiding overwhelm so all the frustration and anger about my meeting ebbed away.

The more experience you get in self-care the easier it becomes to recognize when and how to do it.

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  1. I think this is so true.
    Practice really does help!