Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 318

Home again. Such a long day. Definitely not my preference to do the drive then go to work all the same day but it's not every day a department merger officially happens either.

Months of sobriety meant I was clear headed enough to be -able- to have a big long day like today...I can't even begin to imagine how things would have worked out if I had tried to cram so much into one day when I was still drinking. That's always a nice boost for the New Me.

But now to sleep - Youngest has before-school review sessions for her Advanced Placement US History course every freaking school day between now and the May exam and they count as part of the grade. Means getting up 30-45 min early for the foreseeable future. Joy. Sure feels good to be curled up under the covers by 9 though.


  1. Overtime I read your posts, I am so impressed at how strong you are, staying sober will all you have to do, want to do in your day!
    I never knew how I managed life when I was drinking, either!

  2. Oh gosh what a nice thing to say! I never see myself as -strong- but I definitely like it. Thanks! :)