Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 336 Eleven Months

Yup, it's here: I did it!

Eleven months. Almost a year. Twelve months ago I was feeling so down on myself and miserable and wistful about even the -idea- of this much sobriety and now I've done it and yeah, it IS much better.

Not only did I order the 23&Me genetic thing but I got two books for my Kindle app and a used paperback AND some  high-end gourmet toffee.  Pretty good haul, I'd say. Plus work turned out to be light enough that I could leave for the day at a bit past three which pretty much never happens any more.

Took a little nap (super-exciting and living on the edge, right?) and had a nice dinner and did some sewing and it was all just so low-key...and now it's not even ten and I don't have to worry about whether there's enough booze or if I'm at the right stage of drunk or if I should be pushing fluids so I won't feel so bad in the morning and how late I can sleep in and....nah, none of that thrash any more. Didn't seem like a thrash at the time - seemed normal at the time - but you get so much more LIFE back when you're not self-embalming every night and extra on the weekends.

Oh and a couple-three days ago I ordered myself some fancy socks, too - almost forgot about that. I have so many goodies coming in the mail soon...go me!

Now I think I'll go to bed with one of my new electronic books...there's nothing like being able to lie in the dark and still read. Tech is grand. Sober is grand. Actually taking -care- of oneself is grand.

A high of only 48 degrees F tomorrow...not so much.  But hey, it is what it is, right? Excuse to stay in, if nothing else.


  1. Self-embalming. Wow. That is a creepily disturbing thought. Will keep that near to me next time I want wine.....shivers....

  2. And I meant to add CONGRATS on 11 months!!

  3. Awesome! I love getting things in the mail!
    Self care is grand.

    1. Me too! The socks arrived today - gonna try them out tomorrow.

  4. Oh yuck, the reminder about managing the buzz and worrying if there was enough booze to keep it going was all too real. Glad THAT is off my to do list.
    Wow 11 months, I'm delighted you are keeping up the treats and that they work for you. I really don't do that much treat wise and only know it's 11 months cos I read it here. What is the 23&Me test? Sounds interesting and I assume it's to see what potential health problems could be in your future, emphasis on could.
    Well done you and always lovely to read your posts.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! 23&Me is a DNA test that will give one their genetic background and whether or not there are traits for a whole bunch of diseases.