Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 334

Another in-bed-by-9 day.

Finally had my endocrinology appointment and the good news was that my new doctor is absolutely stellar in every way with the better news being that I certainly won't need parathyroid surgery. The bad news was that there was a whole big bunch of data from 2008 in my electronic chart that _wasn't_my_stuff_. Like a chest X-ray when I haven't had one of those since I was eleven. She and I both thought that was pretty worrisome. Clearly some kind of mismatch but when I emailed our chief information technology doc about it he turfed it to the Privacy Office which I thought was kind of a cop out.

Had an absolutely miserable meeting from 5-6 which ran over till 6:15 and the only tangible things I took away from it were that there will be yet another evaluation form coming up soon and that two of the high-end docs -really- hate each other.

I knew the meeting would suck so I planned an easy dinner and saved myself a nice dark chocolate Easter egg to have the moment I crossed the threshold. That was all well and good but for some reason I got alternatingly angry and sad after dinner for no good reason...or maybe from what seemed like too much stupidity for one day. In any case I did the evening things I -had- to do and then just went the hell to bed.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


  1. I wish I had saved some of my Easter chocolate!
    I am glad you don't need surgery.
    I had my thyroid removed when I was in college because I had hyperthyroidism.
    The next day usually looks better!

  2. Thanks for the kind thoughts!