Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 338

Weird day.

Up early, got the shopping done.

Spent most of the day seeing if I like quilting. Nope. Too fiddly.

Went into town to have my walk on sidewalks but didn't like that either because there were tourists (already - sheesh) and I was hungry. Cut the walk short.

On the other hand my new socks are fantastic. They're Bombas and totally live up to the hype. One of my new goals is to convert my entire sock inventory; that will take a while as they're on the pricey side. Worth it.

Realized around dinner time I was Really Effing Tired so made it a bed-by-eight-twenty kind of night. Not keen on tomorrow; not only do I have to ferry the kid in early for her daily AP History study sessions but I have my miserable monthly 90-min meeting. Think I'll be taking my walk right afterwards...that's the plan, anyhow.


  1. Sundays can be hard for me...I think it has to do with the pace of the day.

  2. I hear you...there's always so much expectation around a Sunday too: the -last- bit of the weekend so make it count!