Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 335

What an annoying day.

Work was just one long string of issues all day long. One of them was so damned dumb I had to take a walk around campus to cool down. Healthier than fuming at my desk, that's for sure.

Somewhere along the way I realized "been back from vacation less than a week and my psoriasis is acting up." All this time I thought it was family triggered. Silly fucking me. On the one hand I'm happy it -isn't- the family but on the other hand it's not like I can change much about the job either. That's what steroid lotion is for, I guess.

The stink-cherry on this bullshit sundae of a day was dropping ABL's mini-pizza cheese-side down as soon as it came out of the toaster oven. Fortunately I had another in the freezer. Even more fortunately I -didn't- have a meltdown...kind of impressed myself there.

I did, however, eat not all the carbs but definitely a lot and called it dinner.

Tomorrow is eleven months!!


  1. 11 Months!!
    You are doing so well!!

  2. Thanks! It feels pretty darned good, I gotta say. :)