Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 337

Flopping on the couch at 8 is kinda like going to bed for the night at 9, right? Especially if there's a good chance of dozing off?

Decent day despite the cold and gloom. Finished the top out of my last yard goods order so I have something brand new to wear at my miserable 90-min meeting on Monday. This means I'm finally done with making clothing and can experiment with quilting up the scraps/leftovers. Gonna make a placemat because I'm not sure at all that I will even -like- quilting; it might be far too fiddle. Only one way to find out.

Meanwhile I also managed to eke -some- light out of our miserable basement fixtures. I got rather taken by the contractor who finished the basement; one aspect is the fluorescent light fixtures. They are without a doubt the cheapest and flimsiest versions I have ever seen and among other flaws don't have a notch to get the bulbs in and out. They need flat-out replaced by an electrician but I managed to get one out of four bulbs working in each of two separate fixtures which is more overhead lighting than we've had there in over a year.

Tried making sausage gravy with soy-based vegetarian "sausage" and it was as so-so as one would expect. As a general rule of thumb, stand-in versions of things usually aren't as good as the genuine article and I knew that but "sucker for the new-to-me thing" won out.

Also took a walk...hey when I write it all down like this it seems like a lot - no wonder I'm tired! Think I'm going to go to bed by way of the kitchen and the las biscuit from breakfast with some butter and honey.


  1. Happy 11 Months!!
    I had some extra ice cream just for you! Ha, ha!
    I am exhausted reading about your days!!
    You deserve to take all the naps you want!

  2. Aww...thanks! Hope it was yummy.