Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 324

A decent day.

Woke up with a vicious muscle-tension headache which put me in a stunningly bad mood till I killed it with aspirin and half a muscle relaxant tablet. It cast a huge cloud over everything and had me in a vile mood - unbelievable to think I accepted damned near daily morning headaches for -years-. 

Later in the afternoon I found myself in a huge fit of anger. Lots of little things and a couple not so little things had all brewed into a huge bunch of rage, far out of proportion to any of the things themselves...but I rode it out and didn't even end up overeating. Got busy with a cleaning project instead and rolled with it. Eventually it dissipated. 

Tomorrow is only Monday and I don't drive back till Saturday so that's one good thought and the other good thought is that I have not one damned thing planned all day. Well, except for walking the dog in the morning but I can do that in pajamas and go right back to bed if I feel like it.

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