Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 341

Better day.

Ridiculously tired all day but in a better headspace. Have adopted "full-on crone" as the term to describe this hey-now-I'm-menopausal thing because I find it amusing. Have accepted the whole fucking-_surgery_-man thing too.

It was double site visit day so I took myself to lunch in the nearby college town. Discovered the Thai place I wanted was closed on Wednesdays so I went to the Mexican place nearby and learned that a "torta" is basically just a sandwich although the bread is warm and soft and vaguely reminiscent of an English muffin. Interesting but not something I'll get again.

Been burying myself in the Kindle app on my phone - nothing like escapist fiction when life gets too damned complicated. Also been pretty committed to my walking lately too - haven't lost an ounce but I definitely feel better so it's worth the effort. As I've seen in social media..."gosh I really regret that workout" said Nobody Ever. I'm far from "workout" but I do always feel better after a walk even if I really really didn't want to start it.

Doin' okay. Hell, all things considered doing freaking great. Creeping up on a whole -year- sober which is awesome and still pretty unreal-feeling.

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