Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 342

Moody day.

Did everything I had to do but was just in a funk all day - probably just all the week's events catching up to me. In addition to my own shit there's been family stuff going on.

At least when my cheeks got all flushed after dinner I realized it wasn't "oh gee what did I eat that's disagreed with me?" but a hot flash. Then I felt stupid for not figuring it out long ago but I'm the only child OF an only child and my mother had a surgical menopause at age 40 and got slapped on Premarin so I had no frigging clue. And I suppose if I'm stoic/stupid enough not to realize "that much pain for that long equals broken" then I'm stoic/stupid enough not to realize "flushed cheeks and a general sense of frustration is a hot flash."

I should maybe stop being so down on myself, huh?

Tomorrow is a whole new day.


  1. Well, I won't bore you with my other operation stories!!
    Tomorrow is Friday for you!!

  2. One of my motivations for getting alcohol into it's proper place is to be ready to deal with menopause. I think I'm pre menopausal now and I know I can't handle alcohol and menopause and keep my sanity!!

    1. It took me months (like more than six) to truly notice and "get" it but life is just -so- much easier to live with alcohol out of the equation. Hormones and all!