Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day 344

Wow that's a lot of days. Awfully close to a year now and it's both very awesome and absolutely ordinary.

This morning the dog decided we were up for the day at six thirty which was okay by me. Had to overnight mail some documents to Eldest so I went into town at eight thirty. As I was parking in the town lot who should be walking by but my mother-in-law? Yup. A year ago I would have already been trying to fix that draggy dizzy probably headachy feeling and wanting nothing more than to get to and from the post office as quickly as possible so I could lie back down and push fluids. Running into MiL would have been a calamity about which I would have complained vociferously and no doubt used as an excuse for yet more drinking the next day:"any day that -started- with running into..."

Yeah well today I just took it in stride. Walked with her to the bank and back to her apartment which meant I got caught up on all the news about herself and her sister which is useful for the family overall and deposits in the Bank of Good Will are always a smart move. So that felt pretty darned accomplished.

[later] Bah. Tried a new recipe and when I copied it out of the book I forgot to copy the sugar so I was attempting to make miniature pecan pies (tastiest) with no sweetener whatsoever. I -wondered- at the idea of a savory pecan anything but went blithely on...fortunately it is a small-batch recipe. Just goes to show that getting sober doesn't cure all stupidity/forgetfulness/etc. As Robin Williams said, "I'm the same asshole; I just have fewer dents in my car." On the other hand I'm -taking- this particular oops better than usual. I'm really feeling the "oh well" that people say about stuff like this when in the past I would be totally beating myself up over it. Now I'm just trying to decide whether or not I want to re-make the recipe correctly tomorrow and I'm thinking "nah...probably not." Learned enough about the process I know I -could- make a successful batch but don't really see the need to do it. That's a good place to leave it. 

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