Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 339

Good day.

Woke up way too early even by my standards - 5:40 ferpitysake! Once I was over that fact though, it was a pretty easy day. The meeting was as long and tedious as I expected but it was a simply beautiful day for my walk afterwards.

Got home & my 23&Me kit was in the mail as well as a used book I totally forgot I ordered so that was grand. The cheese enchiladas weren't as good as last time but still plenty tasty and I got all the chores done early in the evening.

I heard the knitting instructor who was the reason I went on the cruise last year might be doing one on a different cruise line in '18 or '19 so that right there is enough to push me into the saving-money mode I had been working toward anyway...we'll see how that goes. I tend to go through long chunks of frugal followed by bursts of spending. Gonna try to stay entertained with the toys I already have for a while.

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