Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day 320

Some days just suck.

Stuck at home waiting for signature-required delivery so tried a new dessert I saw online: giant samoa cookie. Also cut out last piece of scrub top fabric. Felt pretty good about all that. Went to work and had an uneventful hour.

Then learned that standing water around other house turned out to be inadequate sump pump and piping when house originally built. With special bonus of two new cracks in poured concrete basement. Price tag to fix? Low five figures. Yeah...five. And this is "caught early; no leaking anywhere yet."

Meeting I expected to last only 30-45 min ran for 70. During meeting I thought "hey, isn't that what homeowners insurance is for?"

Got home and had shower bath first thing. Self care after hard news is key. Good thing I did too because after the bath I learned that homeowners most likely will not cover this as it is "water damage" but not the kind of natural disaster flooding which would cause our flood insurance to kick in. While waiting for homeowners insurance agent to email back started investigating home equity loans/credit lines which resulted in my cellphone blowing the hell up with calls - apparently everybody is super-eager to become our debtor. Who knew? Not I, and it seems kinda sleazy.

Then the dessert sucked.

So after a brief respite on the couch I have ignored the dishes, taken Motrin PM and gone to bed. Even if tomorrow sucks just as badly (ghawdforbid -another- chunk of change that size) I will be rested and better able to face it.

I hope.


  1. Oh boy.
    There's always something with houses.
    Houses cost a lot of money!
    Happy Sober Sleep!!