Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 333

A really good day.

This morning as I was walking up the hill from parking lot to office I realized that it isn't just the lack of hangover that makes sober mornings better; it's the lack of regret.

Took a long walk at lunch with my totally dumb fun podcast, tried a new recipe for dinner and had enough energy/momentum/whatever to do three minor household fixes that have been needing done for many months.

Thought again of sitting at my Actual Computer in the family room for a wordy post but Youngest was heavily into a video game on the TV and I didn't want to be the distraction in her peripheral vision. It's not really the quantity of the blog post but the doing of the blog post which matters.

So I finished a top instead. As I was sewing the bobbin thread ran out -just- as I finished a seam but not -during- the seam. That was a true blessing.

Once "tired" hit (and hit hard) I went to bed. With books, of course.

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