Tuesday, June 7, 2016


My sobriety is old enough to vote. It votes to continue.

Still waking up several times a night; don't know whether it's the not-drinking thing or the nearly-fifty thing or some other thing but I was able to roll over and go back to sleep pretty quickly each time last night so I was much better off today than yesterday.  Don't want to go down the road of Unisom or even Benadryl because I want to have good un-modified sleep so if it means another couple-few weeks of night-waking so be it. It was good before; it will get good again.

Earlier today I realized how much I'm genuinely enjoying/getting a kick out of/having fun with my latest dumb phone app game and I wanted to make sure to acknowledge that. Years and years ago when Transactional Analysis was a thing I recall reading that overdrinking was the "no joy" script and I think there's truth to be found in that so I'm trying to make a point of paying attention to the positive/happy emotions. Other people might call that gratitude but I'm not ready for such a loaded word.

The other really good thing which happened today was the early heads-up announcement of a change in dress code at my job to something I like MUCH better than the current one. So that was grand.

Also pleasing: I finished making all the afghan squares for Eldest. Now it's just assembling the last three strips and doing the border--it's possible I might have it done by this time next week. That's the plan, anyhow. I caught up on Belle's podcasts while I did it which felt good and supportive

Finally my new book turned out to be every bit as enjoyable as the last one but in completely different ways.  I'm still awfully happy with that bunch I ordered up last week. The only down side is that I seem to be chewing through them awfully quickly.  I still have the three freebies Amazon threw my way at the end of last month and sometimes those turn out to be really good but often they don't.

So far so good...but now I've simply got to see what this dog is on about. 


  1. I love the voting analogy....but try to ignore when it turns 21!

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