Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thirty-eight And A Half

Actually the early part of Day 39 but I don't like to tempt the Fates. 

Things always look better in the morning. Sure I had crazy dreams featuring my mother in the rather villanous lead role but there was also a creative supporting actress making fascinating fiber art which was encouraging.  Now when I look at these two Super Saver Jumbo skeins of Red Heart yarn in Soft White (to match everything else she had - my mother was not the yarn-store type) I see not "wasted potential" but just plain ol' potential.

I'm still sad, of course, but in a manageable amount. I had expected that knitting up her yarn on vacation would bring on The Feels which is part of why I'm doing it in the first place. I just hadn't expected to be sucker-punched with them in the middle of a big-box store on a weekday morning and then have that punch linger all through the day. It's better now.

While I was typing the above, Girl-beagle did the cutest damned thing so I'll leave you with that for now.  Eldest taught her "bring my slippers" for treats and the dog is so treat-crazy she will bring any kind of footwear unasked and demand payment. She knew I had a couple treats on the desk so she brought my shoes, one at a time and forcefully and since she did both of them (she often stops at one and looks hopeful) I treated her. Next thing I knew she had both shoes in her mouth at once and was dragging them back over to where they had been so she could bring them to me a second time.

Gonna go rearrange my knitting bag to hold the new yarn and then make tea.


  1. Glad you feel better today. Lots of things swish around in our heads that we have to deal with all the time. Nice to do it now AF. I love the beagle story. I treated my dog one day because she killed a fly in my house...darn dog started bringing in bugs from outside for treats. Couldn't really blame her!

  2. Ahhh I am a sucker for a good dog story. My emotions go all over the place too. This week I am pining for my years in Hong Kong and have convinced myself if I had stayed there my life would have been all sparkly Disney movie. We just go to feel the feelings and allow them to pass on by. Hope your day ended up being not too overwhelming.