Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 40

One of those uncomfortable-in-my-own-skin days. Not quite irritable, not quite bored, not quite anything but not quite right. Paradoxically lonely even though I was with family. Just plain out of sorts...and putting pebbles in my bag of resentment at every opportunity: dog duty, errands, ABL meals, you name it.

Spouse was particularly understanding though; that was a help.  Carry-out dinner from the good Japanese place was a help too...and now bedtime will be a help.

Having the emotional/mental version of those weird creepy-crawly leg cramps is still better than a hangover and self-loathing. At least today it was "I feel lousy" not "I am lousy."


  1. That is a very important distinction to make between I feel and I am, I am very guilty of doing that too. I had a similar day to you feeling a bit insular and to use your phrase putting pebbles in my bag of resentment. I ended up with a SACK full of them yesterday and wanted to use it to beat people around the head. Thankfully this was just irrational thought that I managed not to p,at out in real life. Well done on 40, I have just woken up to my day 40.

  2. You go, 40s ladies! I like the pebble analogy. Guilty here too!