Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 41

A better day.  Took the car to get an oil change at the quickie place which throws in a free really good car wash.  That was nice.

Eldest made "million dollar bars" which are shortbread covered with caramel covered with chocolate. I was totally impressed with her making caramel sauce from scratch. My mother had some bad candy experiences and therefore brought me up to believe that anything to do with it was hard and nasty and likely to go badly.

Now that I think about it she had that message about a lot of things...but I digress.

Anyhow we had a tasty dessert tonight and she finds baking very therapeutic so that was all good. I did, however, let myself get far too hungry this afternoon and that was not at all good--that HALT thing really is true. Had some urges and started getting into that out-of-sorts spiral. Enough so that when Spouse started talking about drinking tonight before starting Dry July tomorrow I was actually considering having some too...but once I got a bellyful of food I was fine again. Seven weeks is enough momentum not to want to mess up.

Which reminds me very much of the drinking dream I had last night. Was in a strange place looking through strange closets for clothing to wear on stage for some unclear performance (that's probably a metaphor but for what I'm not sure.)  Someone handed me a big glass of what was supposed to be champagne but turned out to be sediment-y white wine and I swilled a good half of it before realizing with shock and disgust "wait! I don't drink! Oh NO I'm going to have to start all over again."  Had the classic horror-turning-to-relief when I woke up, too.

That's the first drinking dream I've had since the really early days. If I have more I'll try to remember to mention them in passing. I've also decided to just go with a simple Day X title from now on - easier all around.

Tomorrow Eldest and I are going to get an iron and an ironing board to go with her sewing machine and a bunch of bias binding to go with her apron pattern so that she can finally start getting into sewing the way she's been discussing all this year thus far. That should be an interesting adventure: I can sew quite well but don't sew...or at least didn't for a couple-three decades till she needed a Wicked Queen gown for her high school production of Snow White and haven't since then.  Too many mother-issues which I'm sure will rear their ugly heads during the day. We'll see how that goes.

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