Monday, June 13, 2016

24 And Doing Okay

Slept better/more soundly although I have for the past two nights had vivid crazy dreams. Still not back to the really great sleep I had last time but getting closer all the time. Trying to remember and I think it does take every bit of a month. But it happens eventually.

Despite better sleep was -totally-exhausted- today. Lie-back-down-in-the-morning before work and again as soon as I got home exhausted. No clue why. Hormones, emotions, early sobriety, fighting a cold - any or all of the above and it doesn't much matter really. Dinner was carry-out which helped

Same deal with Spouse and drinking: no attempt to get me to join. Total acceptance of my choice without trying to influence it so must have been the booze talking the other night. So much the better.

Likewise I have officially not said a word pro or con Spouse's drinking either. Not me, not my choices, not my issue. I say "officially" because of course there have been angry moments in my head about it but they have passed quickly and I have wisely kept those thoughts to myself. Not helpful to either of us. 

Twenty-four not only feels like progress but it is getting close to thirty which is a nice milestone. 

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  1. You're getting there!!! Stay strong! Great job!