Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Afternoon Quicke

Had to share that the chocolates came!   Couldn't have happened at a better time either as I was getting that after-lunch slump, trying to power through a whole lot of work because I have a meeting at 4pm and was already getting bummed about the remainder of the week, family-wise. Had also suspected they would be held up a day in my workplace mailroom too so there was another handful of pebbles aiming straight for my bag of resentment.

No need for that--I went up for some tea and when I came back there they were. Packed on ice, even!

I picked out one serving (three pieces) and put the box on my side table but of course I got up and walked over to the side table three more times to finish off a second serving just as I knew I would...and thought warmly and fondly of my fellow sober-bloggers while I did it, too. Thanks for helping me get this far and here's to many more AF days.

(You see what I did there? Totally swiped the term "AF" from my overseas blog-buddies 'cause I like the way it sounds cool.)

Peace out - gotta get back to work now. 


  1. Yay chocolate, yay selfishly keeping them just for you, yay eating 2 servings and yay to using transatlantic expressions. This post cheered me up no end, thank you. Also you mentioned pebbles and bag of resentment, still my big favourite.