Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 12

Rough day. Lots of family drama, some friend drama. Not really liking my current novel all that much (Aftermath and I like Chuck Wendig but I'm just not that into Star Wars.) Stayed late at work due to car-sharing. Dog misbehaved on the floor.

Didn't feel like drinking, still don't feel like drinking but am pretty damned drained. Not very verbose but wanted to check in just the same.

Good things: took a walk at lunchtime, didn't overeat, had a nice laugh with colleagues this morning.

Tomorrow is lucky thirteen.  Maybe I'll get myself a new book.


  1. Not drinking is, in and of itself, draining! Hope Day 13 is going great!!

  2. Ah! You're at Lucky 13 now. My favorite number! I hope the drama has reduced. You don't need that in early sobriety. Take good care of yourself and let the whirlwind pass over your excellent self.