Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 29

Today's lesson? Just accept the crazy.

I don't mean "say the crazy is okay" or "endorse the crazy" or "enable the crazy" I don't mean "don't get mad at the crazy" either. What I mean is "the crazy is already happening and isn't going to stop happening just because you feel X about it so acknowledge that fact and start work on what to DO to/for/by/with/at/about the crazy."

Whatever the crazy may be.

Oh and don't use the crazy as a reason to drink, either, but that's the obvious part.

My day was totally bananapants pretty much from morning till right now lying in bed for the night. Conditions, situations and people changing rapidly in ways that affected me and none particularly to my liking. But instead of getting wrapped up and stalled out with/in how wrong, unfair, etc. it all was or how put-upon it was making me I made a conscious effort to just keep rolling with things. Sure, be pissed but be pissed -as- the shit is being dealt with. One can have emotions and acknowledge the emotions without 1) trying to not have negative emotions because they are "bad" or 2) taking the emotions out on self or others.

Evwntually things get less crazy.

Didn't get to read blogs today and tomorrow may be no better. However I'm still sober, still thinkin' of  my sober peeps and still working on how to manage emotions.


  1. Ha! Day 29 must be about emotions, just wrote a long winded post about this too. Hope your day today is a biter better/lighter.

  2. Congrats on day 29!! Hope today gets better, A x