Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two To The Fifth

Yup, that's 32. Also the one-month mark. And although I'm headachy now and in bed to hide out from my still-drinking family it was overall a Really Good Day and that's what I want to remember.

I woke up rested in that way which only comes from many nights in a row of undrugged sleep and that alone was great...but then in the mirror I noticed that my skin really was a lot brighter-looking and the jowl-y-ness had finally gone totally away. Maybe it is unique to me or all in my head or both but I've always thought drinking showed up the next day in puffiness around my chin and lower cheeks - sort of bulldog-esque but very like my mother which is absolutely not a good thing. Anyhow it's all gone.

Although I haven't lost any weight my clothes fit a little better anyhow probably because every cell in my body is no longer boggy and bloated and overworked with clearing out the alcohol.

And there is just nothing like walking from the parking lot to the office feeling completely clear-headed. None of that "ohghAWD what do I absolutely HAVE to do this morning and what can wait till afternoon?" Or the associated guilt and self-beratement.

Speaking of work...around eight-thirty tonight they called wanting to know if I could come back in briefly even though it wasn't my night. It was awesome to be able to say "sure no problem" instead of any of the other possibilities with which I would have struggled not very long ago. Hell, eight-thirty would have been Deeply Booze O-Clock. This was better.

It isn't easy and sometimes it is total sandpaper on one's soul but the sober way is still the better way. I just need to keep a tally of moments like these to help remind me of that when I start getting complacent again.

Tomorrow my 30-Days treat chocolate should arrive...and selfish Only Child me had it shipped to my office so I wouldn't have to share. Well, also so there was a better chance of not eating it all in two nights, too...but mostly the not-sharing thing. I did the sober work; I get the sober candy.

All you fine people in the blogosphere have really helped this time around. I'm not at all sure I could have made it this far this time without you. I'll eat particularly choice bits in your honor. :-)


  1. I would love a detailed description of these magical chocolates! What's your favourite?! I can't imagine ordering chocolate even though I enjoy it a lot. It sounds like a good treat. Like bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates don't last long in my house.

    1. http://www.fanniemay.com/colonial-chocolate-assortment-platinum-wrap?categoryId=400131031

  2. I love being able to drive to the shops in the evening. It is such a novelty! It's amazing the things you can do when you are on your way through a bottle of wine! Enjoy you chocolate treat! You deserve it. I have found blogging really helpful and wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all my blogging friends. Congrats on 32 days! A x