Thursday, June 23, 2016

Still 34

Finally on the down side of this day. Dinner done and  Autistic Brother in Law (ABL) has his shaving  cream. Better still the miserable headache I had for most of the afternoon is all gone and there was much rejoicing.

Spent all day in a work conference and I had expected tedious and mostly irrelevant but I had not expected such an echo-y conference room or such uncomfortable chairs. Didn't expect no caffeine of a kind I ingest (tea) either. On the other hand I -had- been worried about the "cocktails and networking" at the end of the conference because the co-worker giving me a ride usually likes to stay for one drink. Turned out he was just as keen on getting the hell out of there as I was so when he asked "how long do you think it would be politically correct to stay?" and I said "I'm fine with leaving right now" he was all for it so yay! I saw a few other people doing the same thing so that was all just fine.

Not so fine was the muscle-tension-plus-caffeine-withdrawal headache but even before I got home I downed a whole bottle of tea from the gas station and as soon as I walked in the door I had two extra strength aspirin and one muscle relaxant. I also allowed myself to eat All The Carbs again as the food at the conference wasn't very good or very vegetarian-friendly so between that and lack of tea I was feeling particularly deprived.

Now I'm a pain free mildly bloated sober person lying around on her couch pretty much content. So glad the day has reached this point.

One thing I have learned on this journey: if the Inner Child is feeling deprived in any way it is FAR better to address that than to ignore it because that needy feeling leads to a whole bunch of bad-emotion pathways that far too easily end up at "I deserve to drink" or "fuck it; I'm gonna drink." Much better to offer the Inner Child something else early on.

Day 34 feels like progress. Reminds me of Captain Kirk too as that was his age on the original series.

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