Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 30!

Night 30 now but that just means it is a sure thing.

Today wasn't as nutsy as yesterday and for that I am very grateful.

I also felt more inner calm than in previous days - grateful for that too. Still had flashes of rage and splashes of sadness but they were shorter and weaker than even a few days ago. I'll take it.

The sober path is full of milestones: Days 4, 7 and 10 were big for me. Day 30 feels good. "Got through the first month" has some weight behind it, y'know? Need to still keep doing the stuff that is working though because I know both from what others say and from personal experience that the two-month mark is a bit of a danger zone. When I first decided to do The Big Quit last July I got to 56 days but then quit quitting so that will be the next Big Milestone...though Day 42 being both six weeks and the meaning of the universe is special too.

First thing tomorrow morning I will "finish checkout" on my box of chocolates. For now, bed.


  1. Congratulations to you on day 30! That's a great milestone! Isn't it nice that we benefit from those who have already been through this?!

  2. Congratulations on day 30! A x

  3. Wooo-hoooo Day 30 girls, you and I! Well done you. It is quite a big deal and we need to take some credit for it. I even forgot it was day 30 until lunchtime, so did everyone else. Not sure about you but I got no ticker tape parade and red carpet arrival today ha ha. Hope you had a good night sleep and happy you had a bit better day today.

  4. Thanks for all the props, team - really needed it tonight.