Saturday, June 11, 2016

22 ... Better

Everything always looks better in the morning including the whole don't-stay-sober thing. It didn't come up again in the light of day which is kind of how I thought it might go down. I expressed some frustration over the drinking generally which made me feel better. They're coming back tomorrow and I think it will be okay.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet day. Well, no, not really: the beagle-dog was just In A State all damned morning what with barking and carrying on and wanting to go out and not doing anything once out there in favor of the family room floor...very annoying. Also an opportunity to berate myself for not being a better pet owner because if the dog had been raised better in the first place then none of this would be happening never mind that every beagle owner I know has all kinds of similar stories. Managed to shut down that line of thought and the stupid dog eventually settled down.

I eventually got less angry too.  Didn't eat quite all the carbs today either which is progress. Had some mild cravings for alcohol but the mantra which worked pretty well last time, namely, "it won't help" worked pretty well again this time. It -won't- help in the long run no matter how much of a short-term good idea it might seem to be.

I'm hoping three weeks is enough momentum that I won't want to trash it all in the upcoming days.  It will be so much nicer to be able to blog about getting through it and keeping my day count than it will be if I have to reset right back to Day 1 again and blog about that instead.  Speaking of blogging, though, it might get really short once the Whole Family is under the same roof again.  I don't call it House of Chaos fer nuthin' ya know.  I'll try to check in with at least a sentence or two from my phone as I go to bed but there may not be much more than that and possibly there might be less than that.

I won't drop off the face of the blogosphere though, no matter what happens. What's happening right now, however, is just plain ol' boring bedtime.


  1. Good to hear! Enjoy the chaos and post when you can. I'm still laughing about the dog...I, too, have those moments!

  2. Three weeks is a good long stretch, well done. I'm not sure if I've commented yet but I hope you keep posting and hope all goes well once the family is all back. I'm getting a lab puppy next weekend but had thought about a beagle - they do sound like hard work though!

  3. Please do check in. I enjoy reading your posts!

  4. Good to hear! Enjoy the chaos and post when you can. I'm still laughing about the dog...I, too, have those moments!