Thursday, June 2, 2016


Almost two weeks--starting to feel like real progress.

Thanks to Ripleybelle for "your excellent self!" That was nice! Needed to read that today because of course there was more family drama. However I did indeed take good care of myself because by noon I'd bought not just one but a whole handful of Kindle books and got fries for lunch.

Because of the car-sharing adventure I took the bus home today and it was...novel for sure. I've used public transportation in and out of Chicago, Philadelphia and NYC but in a small town in sparsely populated county "bus" meant something rather different: a half-sized one with only eight other riders who all had been using it for Just Ever.  Two from my department though, so that was nice.  Easy enough to do again if need be and the walk from the bus stop to my house was right at eight minutes. I was "New Girl" to the bus driver which was strangely delightful--I told my colleague, "I haven't been a new girl in EVER."

Once home, though, I went into full Escape Mode: put on jammies first thing, ate All The Carbs and called it dinner then collapsed on the couch with the first of my new acquisitions. I loves me some Augusten, baby. I told someone over a decade ago, "he's the only person I've read who had a childhood worse than mine that didn't involve physical abuse."

And y'know...the babying oneself really does work, eventually. By the time Middle came home from work an hour ago I was in a much better frame of mind despite another small dose of family drama by telephone. ABL asked about bowling over dinner so that's on...I figured there was No Freaking Way he'd forget about it but had decided that if he didn't mention it I wouldn't either. I don't really mind it once I do it; it's just getting over the mental hump...which I suppose is true of a lot of things in my world, actually.

So that's about it from this corner of the world--I've done the Minimum Nightly Requirements and am on my way back to horizontal-with-reading-material which is a fine way to be.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Books are my number one shopping therapy. Happy day 13!!!!!!