Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 101

Halfway to my previous maximum.  Feels good.

But I'm so sad.  Gene Wilder died.  I'm crazy about him.

Nope, not for Willy Wonka though I loved that too but for Sigerson Holmes.

How I loved him in that movie.  I was eight and it was my first "R" movie which was allowed because I had already read my father's complete Sherlock Holmes twice and Sign of Four therein another couple besides. Sign of Four opens with IV drug use and closes with Watson getting married; that's pretty heady stuff for a seven-year-old. At any rate, as soon as the sign went up at the new movie theater in the mall I started pestering my mother till I eventually wore her down...and crushed hard even before I knew what "crushing" was. He was my first, my strongest, my longest, my secret favorite. I've seen every movie he ever made, even the lousy ones. And now 2016 has taken him too like it has so many others.  He was 83 so I knew it was coming and can't really complain....and he had Alzheimer's which means I -really- can't complain but it's still sad.

Now all three of my big early crushes are gone: Gene Wilder, Harold Ramis, Robin Williams. I must be getting old, huh?  Fifty in a couple months will do that I suppose.

==Much Later===

So before the Gene Wilder thing I did finally go to lunch and it was nice. Good day at work too.

It's weird: 101 days seems like a lot but at the same time not much at all. If this round of sobriety were a baby it would only now be outgrowing its newborn status.

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