Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 97

A better day.

Of course given most of the previous day's this week the bar was set pretty low. Still, it was the best day thus far and I am grateful.

Also tired: the kitchen needed more work than usual to put it to bed. I was doing okay on the resentment front till I saw that in addition to all the other rubble from cooking the freaking second set of grill plates were in the grill and dirty - the first set were still sitting clean in the dishwasher. I got over it pretty quickly though. After a few minutes the pissed-off-ness dissipated like soap suds and I decided it just wasn't that big a deal after all. Sort of surprised myself but in a good way.

So the kitchen is back to baseline and I know I have a particularly easy day at work tomorrow. Heck I might even finally go have my Day 90 lunch since 100 is fast approaching. Especially as it is bowling night and I don't like bowling one bit better than I did months ago. It makes Autistic Brother in Law happy enough that I tolerate it but I'm glad Eldest is doing dinner tomorrow -and- I have ice cream in the freezer as I -only- tolerate it.

But overall things seem to be looking up.

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