Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 88

Not a great day.

First thing this morning I discovered boy-beagle had chewed my eyeglasses to bits in the night. He's stressed and jealous because Spouse, Eldest and girl-beagle are all home but he has never been into my eyeglasses before and had to get up on his back feet to pull them off the dresser so it was a heck of a shock. Less than a year old but warranty doesn't cover dog mauling. Joy. My first pair of bifocals with all the bells and whistles so not cheap either.

Then at work someone decided to plonk a bottle of soda in the biohazard for-specimens-only ice machine. Not. Cool.

Home was hard too for various reasons. One of which is that I have given up my personal PC to another family member so my sober-blog cruising has been really constrained - I don't like to do it on my work computer so I'm limited to the phone...which doesn't do blog roll so I haven't been reading or commenting nearly as much as I'd like and I'm feeling the loss.

Lots of emotional ups and downs too and things I think pretty much have to be hot flashes. Weepy over stuff in novels and that isn't like me. Just generally not doing too well.

But hey still sober. That's full of win.


  1. Right now you don't have to be anything other than sober. that's all that counts. Sounds like you need to treat yourself,-even if you're out mega bucks for the bifocals-buy yourself something that will make you smile every time you look at it. Go browse the thrift stores.

  2. The emotional ups and downs are rough!! I am right there with you but we are still better off, you are correct!

  3. Sorry to sound like your stalker but I too am struggling mood wise and I am just plain weepy. This is all part of the process, I am so sorry re your glasses, that is a major bummer

  4. Beagles can be fun, but they can get into trouble!!
    My grandma always told me, "This too will pass."
    I never understood that until I got a lot older!

  5. I'm sorry you are having a difficult time. Such a bummer about your glasses 😢. Hope things improve soon. A x