Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 98

Well really still Day 97 and a fraction as it's early in the morning.

I almost never blog from work but I am quite grateful for a small thing and wanted to share before the rest of the day made me forget: I didn't get rained on.

When I walked the dogs early this morning there was a light drizzle but by the time I was ready to leave for work it had stopped.  Unexpectedly I was driving myself: usually someone wants the car during the day so I get dropped under a canopy roof at the front door.  I hadn't read the weather yet so I contemplated wearing my windbreaker with the hood and after looking at the sky decided against it.  Worked out fine as there was no rain at all when I parked and walked up the hill to my building - a distance of most, if not all, of a city block.  Ten minutes later it was pouring.

While I'm here I'm also happy my morning wrap turned out as well as it did. Two bits of gratitude before eight-fifteen---I think this is a sign I'm coming out of my funk.

==Much Later==

There's nothing like bed when you're tired.

The day stayed pretty good. Didn't go to lunch but did treat myself to dessert -for- lunch as I was having a big sweets craving.

Bowling was about the same as it ever was but then I had some errands so by the time I got home I was hungry and cranky and achy. Eldest has made her marinated flank steak so the house was full of caramelized meat smoke, my kitchen was a complete disaster and she was in town with her husband. I started to get upset but the realized that the thing to do was to eat and then have a nice lie-down on the couch before even thinking of dealing with the mess. So I did.

Now the kitchen is almost to baseline, I have taken Motrin PM and this day is a wrap. Surprisingly I didn't even get very pissed when I realized the pan she used for the meat is probably ruined. Oh I got angry for a few minutes but then it dissolved just like last night. I'm not sure what this new calm is all about but I'm definitely all for it.

Bought cannoli for my breakfast while I was running errands too - wasn't that smart? Now I can sleep in -and- have a treat without leaving the house in the morning.


  1. I hope your canneloni is wonderful this morning. One thing I noticed about sobriety from the start is that it gave me the chance to think about what I said and felt instead of just reacting, the length of the fuse on the dynamite stick got a lot longer. Most of the time.

  2. Well Done on Day 97. Getting sober hasn't stopped my short fuse. i kind of thought it would hahaha BUT i have noticed that I am quicker to calm down. I don't hold a grudge or staying angry anymore and I am also better at saying sorry. So i guess its better :)

  3. Oh now I want a cannoli (please read in a whiny two year old voice) the state of my kitchen can flip me from serenity to homicidal in the opening of a door. Especially when the are not MY dishes. Pebble + pebble + bag. Like the other two comments my fuse is a little longer and my recovery a little quicker but I can still flip on a switch and be enraged like a bear.