Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 99

A good day.

Finally got my energy back. Did a lot of odds-n-ends things that have been on hold for six weeks or more. Including some with yarn, which I haven't touched since the beginning of July.

The cannelloni wasn't that hot, actually, which isn't entirely unexpected given that it came from the freezer section of the grocery bakery. I had some Cherry Garcia ice cream later in the day as compensation though which was fine.

There is still plenty of family drama in the background but it doesn't seem to be -getting- to me as much. This I find particularly good.

Tomorrow is Day 100 and I'm happy about it but don't have a single special thing planned. Guess I'll wait and see how it rolls out.


  1. Oh sorry the cannoli wasn't so good, I was almost looking forward to hearing about it. Not much cannoli down here in Cornwall. You totally need to plan a reward for tomorrow, you have worked soooo hard and gone through so much that you need to acknowledge you achievement. Also major kudos to you for blogging every day come rain or shine. YOU my friend achieved what I set out to do whereas I have not, give yourself major credit for this. I have loved reading all of your posts and knowing someone was in a similar position to me had helped no end. You have great respect from me, really you do. And happy 100, you usually post before me so I look forward to reading it.

  2. Glad you have your energy back! Congrats on day 99! A x