Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 83

Good but tiring day.

Did the employee evaluation and it went fine - far better than o had worried it would. Of course she could come back in tomorrow all pissed off about it but I got the hard part done. Had cafeteria frozen yogurt to celebrate.

Then walked from my work to the high school and back with Youngest to pick up forms...nice company and good exercise but miserable weather as it was 88 F with 60% humidity and no breeze.

Then a weird thing happened: when I got back to work I was delighted  when a downgoing lobby elevator opened in front of me. Large Local Couple pushed their way in first. Other Local Group saw the on-wall requesting-down button go out and observed the brightly lit down arrow in the elevator car so they asked "going down?" The couple said "no, up." Membets of the group showed confusion but shuffled off without getting on. I entered car, noticed button for 2nd floor lit, pressed button for the basement and said "I think it will go down before it goes up, see?" _while_pointing_to_ the lit-up 8" tall down-pointing arrowhead I side the elevator car. Elevator descended. While exiting I heard female half of couple say to male "that pushy bitch stole our elevator!"

Sigh. I live in a rural enough place that people are frequently confused by the whole elevator concept - that wasn't the first time this week I used the "I think it will go down first" line - but the attribution of malice is a new twist. 


  1. You should have reached back in and hit floor #1 along with a quietly uttered "bite me!" :-) I am continually amazed at rudeness!

  2. Well done on the appraisal.. I always imagine things being worse in my head but then again I am usually being appraised than doing said appraisal. Ha ha like HD said I would have leaned in and hit every button, but I can have a potty mouth when goaded so may have had stronger words to say.

  3. Yogurt to celebrate!
    Very glad it went well for you!