Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 80

Still a little sick but only a little - mostly better.

Really pleased and happy to be at eighty days but don't have a single profound thing to say about it. Am in bed a full hour early after taking naproxen and diphenhydramine, actually.

Though I -do- keep hearing Whoopi Goldberg in my head doing the opening to her "Fontaine: Why Am I Straight?" show, which amuses me on multiple levels. If I were still at my computer I'd paste in a nice link but I'm doing this flat on my back in bed with my phone so I will leave it as an exercise for the readers.

Speaking of phone...we didn't get the transporters or the replicators or the faster-than-light travel from Star Trek. We did, however, get not just communicators but tricorders. That's pretty cool.

Sober is pretty cool too. Carrie Fisher, John Larroquette, Stephen King, Sherman Alexie, Elton John, Daniel Radcliffe, Al Pacino, Anne Rice and her son Christopher Rice, Clapton, the late great Bowie...all the cool kids are doing it.


  1. Congrats on day 80! That is fantastic! I hope you feel better soon. A x

  2. They are! We are cool kids along with them!

  3. Feel better soon and well done on the self care. Bradley Cooper is another.