Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 96

An up and down day.

Woke in the night with a shaking chill and crazy dreams but got back to sleep right away. Had to give a conference first thing when I got to work but then the eyewear clinic called to say my replacement glasses were ready.

I cannot believe how much brighter my emotional outlook became once I had glasses again. I mean sure it was great to have everything in sharp focus again but I hadn't thought it would have such an impact on my mood.

Good thing it did though as there was plenty of family drama to suck it all away again. Sick family member needing nursing attention too...and a sink full of big greasy dishes. Way to fill the bag of resentment in a big hurry!

Yeah well I got Eldest to help play nursemaid, sent Middle for pizza and got through the night. Had some pretty big emotional dips in there including a bit of private weeping and an equally private few moments of rage but I got through it with an improved family member, an empty sink and the attitude that all those up-and-down-the-stairs were good exercise. Go me.

I sure hope tomorrow is less exciting though.

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