Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 102


Eldest used that term casually this evening after I made a beeline straight to bed as soon as I got home. I loved it. I used far more syllables to describe exhausted and achy and sleepy all day but no actual cold symptoms...plus more syllables for the commentary and opinion about same. Anyhow that was my day. Hadn't expected it at all:when I wanted to go right back to sleep immediately after waking up I thought it was just the overnight cold snap and cloudiness. I finally clued in when I - who always wants cooler rather than hotter - was cold enough at work to dig out a jacket and almost nodded off at my desk after lunch.

I accepted Eldest's offer to make dinner without thinking twice or demurring once -- progress! I also accepted the zinc lozenge Spouse offered. Between those things and a brief nap I felt well enough to make ABL's lunch for tomorrow and at least round up all the dishes and get them soaking...but wisely decided to have a small amount of ice cream and lie down on the couch a while before swapping out the dishwasher...and that too is some serious progress because even a month or two ago I would have pushed myself to hurry up and do ALL the chores at once, pre-sick or not. Now I know better.


Finally bed for real. Always a good feeling. Even the worst of feeling bad physically or emotionally is still better than falling into bed drunk and having those horrible wee-small-hours awakenings. Now when I go to bed I know I will remember -deciding- to put away my book or phone for sleep and I will -stay- asleep six or more hours. We tend not to think about it during the day but that nice solid sleep is a -huge- advantage of sobriety and it takes quite a while. The first two weeks it is hard to get to sleep -or- stay asleep, the next couple weeks are still iffy and then I had a stretch of a good six weeks where I would get to sleep okay but then wake up for a bathroom break after 90 minutes like clockwork. I thought that was going to be my new normal. However just this past week or ten days even that has stopped: I sleep straight through the night. SO much better than before.

And now it is time to begin that process once again.

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  1. I'm swiping that term for my own vocabulary. When I feel pre-sick I immediately run through a mental list of what has to be done over the next few days and try to get things done while I still have some energy left! Makes actually being sick a little less stressful!