Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 73

Another day.

I don't want to drink but I do want a whole different life.

Nah, not really...but there were more challenges on the home front today and I'm tired of challenges. I was appropriately angry and appropriately sad by which I mean I didn't blow up or break down or go to any particular extreme. Just sat with the emotions and eventually they mellowed out on their own.

This is definitely an improvement over the pouty "not gonna drink but mad/sulky/sad that I can't and have to feel all these unpleasant feelings" of just a day or two.  Don't think it's any sudden huge personal growth on my part; probably just a better balance of brain chemicals and possibly just fatigue but I'll take it.

I'll also take bedtime with a side of light fiction - I find "ah, fuck it. Go to bed and start over in the morning" to be a fine coping strategy.


  1. A.F.I.....a good abbreviation for a most justified strategy!!!

  2. Yay for day 73! You are doing great! A x

  3. I thought to myself "oh wow she sounds so grown up" THAT......coming from a 46 soon to be 47 year old about a soon to be 50 year old. Just shows you how far back my personal development stopped. Well done on managing the day and emotions appropriately.