Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 93

Not a great day.

Well, apart from the staying sober, that is. Only a week to triple digits now.

Woke up at 4 am sharp for a bathroom break and discovered dog puke on the floor. Was grateful to have seen it rather than stepping in it. Grabbed cleaning stuff on the way back from the bathroom and set it nearby with plan of sleeping in nice and late -then- dealing with it.

Up for the day at 7 anyhow. Joy. Grocery was particularly vile: restocking carts everywhere and only one actual human cashier. Though I like self serve checkouts just fine the ones at this store don't work for a whole week's worth of food as they are weight based and smallish.

More family drama and today I was piling up pebbles in my bag of resentment pretty much with both hands. Thought a nap might dump the bag and reset the balance but it wasn't long enough as the dogs got excited over somedamnedthing and once I was awake there was no going back to dozing.

But I got through dinner and the evening chores and am now already in bed with a book and thinking tomorrow will at least be a new and different day even if it isn't particularly improved. Bed with a book really -is- a way better solution to a crappy day than a half pint of vodka but it has taken years for me to finally know that fact. Ah well, better late than never.


  1. Gosh I am in the same boat mood wise. Been reading up a storm and went back to bed yesterday afternoon at 2pm with a book, then 2 movies and then back to the book. Cannot. Seem to pick myself up. Thanks for thinking of me. This will end eventually I know, it's just a case of waiting it out. Keep strong.

  2. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Not long till triple digits! Congrats on day 93! A x

  3. Its is.
    I love to read, and if it's a bad day, I can escape for awhile with a book, and start fresh the next day!
    I hope your Monday was better!