Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 285

Long tiring day.

Woke up early after a nightmare. Went in early because I knew I would be spending a huge chunk of the day on the road doing site visits. Got the call from MiL about her brother in law around 8:30.The funeral and burial are with the other side of his family and far enough away that nobody is expected to attend so that was One Less Thing. I know that sounds harsh but I had only been around the guy maybe six times ever -including- last night when I said goodbye so it isn't like losing a -close- relative. Sad but more abstractly so, not deeply so.

  Did site visits. Came back to several new and unexpected time-sucking issues plus fatigue just -really- hit hard.

Ate rather too much sweet stuff today. Terribly susceptible when I'm stressed or tired and today was full of both. No booze thoughts/cravings/urges though so that's good.

Still too much going on in my life right now but I'm hoping maybe it will start simmering down. The hospital chaplain just got back from a four-day silent retreat and my first response upon hearing the news was a huge wave of envy.

Sleep should help.

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