Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 288


If you've ever had the thought "I wonder if they could tell how drunk I was" after a phone call with a close me: they can. Assuming "they" is sober, of course. They may not say anything - probably won't, in fact - but if they are close at all they will know.  And after they get off the phone they will eat a small bowl of ice cre - no, wait, that's just me.

Anyhow I'm finally in bed for the night and glad of it. Before the phone rang boy-beagle had been far too annoying about the cats and just would not stop that high pitched yipping thing for the longest time even after I herded them back into Kitty Hotel i.e. the former study. Then when he -did- finally stop he left a poo -right- in front of the door. "Take -that- you rotten cats!" I guess.

Still the day wasn't all bad because I finished one new scrub top and cut out another. I really like the one I finished. I like getting better at the process too - I learn something new each time I do one.

Time to sleep now though.


  1. I know...I think of how many times I called people after drinking...ugh!
    You do more in a day than I do all week!!
    Day 288!!!!

    1. I hear ya. I was too paranoid to drunk-dial but I Got reminded the next day of -so- many night-before conversations that were Just. Gone.

  2. So true. People know.
    I hope the zoo finds peace!

    1. Thanks! Me too! Little better tonight: cats stayed in Kitty Hotel and dog sniffed at them through a crack in the (sliding pocket style) door.