Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 306

Not a great day.

Cold & windy and I was in -such- a foul mood for a lot of the day. Brewed a whole bunch of resentment. Only now, in bed under warm blankets, starting to get better.

Tired of all the To-Dos on the daily list. Tired of weather. Tired of no truly -good- chocolate. Of no decent Indian or Mexican food. Of driving little front-wheel drive car because Eldest is the most unsafe driver and thus I want her in bigger heavier all-wheel-drive Car.. Of now having The Old Ladies (MiL and newly widowed Aunt in Law) on the watch list. Of being the Doer instead of the Done For.

But at least I have good books. That's something. A night of sleep is something too.


  1. A good book can heal a lot of things!
    Sleep is even better!

  2. Oh yes, the book helped a lot...except I stayed up too late reading :)