Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 303

A very productive day.

Made mac-n-cheese for tonight's dinner and veggie balls (meatless balls? Bosh balls? I think I like that last one the best as the recipe came from a Bosh video on FB) for later in the week all before noon. Read a lot of my current book and roasted some peppers to also have for later in the week.

Really disconcerting to have So. Much. Snow. when the temperature hit 50 F today but a lot of waist-high snow shrank to thigh or even knee high which was good.

My book (Miriam's Kitchen) is a memoir featuring a lot of strong kind female relatives with strong traditions. Strong love for family too. Ended up needing to take a break for a quick grocery run to get milk and have a chance to be good and angry at my crazy mother who will be dead four years this April. It was hard but I rode the emotion - I'd say "like a surfer rides a wave" but I've never seen surfing in person much less done it. In any case I just let the feelings be and eventually they ran their course.

It was good mac-n-cheese. The chocolate chess pie I made last night was good too.

I even got a little bit of sewing done. On Friday and even for part of yesterday I was all hot that "on Sunday I can finish that top and wear it to work on Monday hooray!" However by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around I was completely out of the notion. Probably because sewing more than any other thing is so closely tied to my mother in my head. After my shower though I thought "you can at least do the pockets because you know that bobbin is getting low and all those short rows of topstitching on the pocket tops will be a great way to use it up without running out in the middle of a real seam." So I did the pockets thinking I could use up the thread and re-wind the bobbin for next week...but that thread is like the lamp oil in the Hanukkah story. Still enough left to attach the pockets some other day.

Tomorrow I'm on call so I have to stay on-campus and pretty much in my office but that's just as well as I have to start fixing that newly revealed mess from last Friday. Now for some very light reading (newest in the 20-Sided Sorceress series) and sleep. I think it at least once a day but it bears writing down too: I like Sober Me better than I liked Drinking Me. There's still along way to go on the self-acceptance/self-love road but sobriety is a big good thing.

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