Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 299

Back to work.

Hadn't really planned it that way but the Plow Guy came and was done by 7:45 so I figured I would walk up the driveway to the road and see how it was. Road was okay so I went to work.

Good thing, too, as the people who had been stuck and stayed all night needed to go home and more people - including the on-call person - called out. So I became the on-call person.

We ended up with a storm total of 35 inches but there is a chance for more in the night. I dug out the mailbox and improved upon the Plow Guy's work a bit but frankly I hope he comes in the morning again as there's at least two if not three inches of new snow since this morning. Depressing weather.

Otherwise it was a decent but quiet evening. Finished one top and started in on another and am completely pleased with the design features I added. Also the fabric. Oh! A super-great thing happened tonight: I walked into a house FAR cleaner than I left. Youngest "felt kinda bad you had to go into work" so she decided to clean the house. Didn't say anything about it, didn't expect anything for doing it just did it to be nice. I was wowed. Just bowled over. So that was great.

Now I'm working on a somewhat early bedtime because I'm tired.

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