Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 300

Hey here it is...and I'm exhausted.

Earlier when I was anticipating Day 300 I was planning to take myself for a nice lunch at the place with the good mocha mousse but then all this damned weather happened instead. Even -with- a Plow Guy I've done a helluva lot of shoveling these past three days and it has made me tired and achy but that's why there's this great "bed" concept.

In addition to "tired" serve up a side order of "gloomy" as this freaking much snow piled up everywhere decreasing visibility at all the intersections is just depressing even without it being mid-March and without yet another 1-4" due on Saturday. My region has become Rura Penthe. Joy.

I'm thanking care of myself though: carry-out for dinner and not one thing above the absolute bare necessities tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be better - at least we aren't getting more than snow "showers" tonight which is a big improvement over the 3-4" we got last night.

I'll save that lunch for next Tuesday which is the actual 10-month soberversary.