Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 293

A good day.

Leaky radiator got fixed, I managed to restore a computer account that had lain fallow since 2009 and I took a walk for the first time in...hell I don't know - a month or six weeks maybe.
Plus I did some sewing on my latest top. Weird thing, there: I was sitting at the kitchen table hand stitching the facing and i realized it was only eight forty or so - not even nine. Thought to myself "yeah now that you aren't drinking you have a lot more time in the evenings to do stuff." Out of nowhere the reply-thought was "oh you used to do stuff before just with a drink by your side. Y'know you could have a drink by your side right now. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Well. The counter-thought was "I could but I won't because no it is -not- nice" and that was the end of it but still...weird. It wasn't an actual urge, more like an observation or at most a mild suggestion and I had no intention of acting on it but don't get why it popped up in the first place. Doesn't really matter, I suppose.

Tomorrow the work inspection finally wraps up...that will be a relief. I should also start getting some of the goodies I ordered myself : in addition to two lengths of fabric I also got myself two Actual (as opposed to Kindle) books -- no, wait, make that three. Two prose-y memoir-y cookbooks and a graphic memoir. Life has been needing treats lately.

And now to sleep...whatever the problem, a night of sleep always helps. Heck, it helps even when there is no problem!

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