Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 301

Long rough day.

More actual work than usual and then an -awful- inspection summation at one of our other locations. Awful for me specifically because it turns out that the answer to a question I ask the supervisor every single time I'm there is not the  "yes" he has been telling me and I have been dutifully writing down but "nope not even close."

Got home and had a slice of pecan pie first thing. Followed by nachos. Wanted to have a nice lie-down with a book but it was opening night of Youngest's play so off I went. Just in time to run into my MiL on the way in. Sitting with her wasn't as awful as it could have been and I won easy points by not just getting pictures with my phone but posting them to "Face" during intermission. So I guess that was a deposit in the bank of good karma. Even if she did look younger than I do in the picture I took after the show of her with Youngest. (It really is uncanny; if she had an attic I'd assume there was a painting in it.)

Hadn't realized till I started this post that being in the -three- hundreds of days would mean something even if it is only one day in. It sure is a nice number though. I hope the weather has improved enough by next week to be able to do the lunch thing; I need to actively put some good into my life.


  1. I've been awol for a bit. Sometimes reading blogs makes me think about drinking more. I'm guessing you are in the Northeast? You may have mentioned it once but I can't remember. I miss snowstorms, I know that sounds crazy but here in England it's just rain, rain, rain oh and more rain. At least in Chicago we had two clear seasons hot summers snowy winters. You mentioned on 299 that the stress made you have drinking thoughts, me too. Work is downsizing and they need to lose 60 people but won't offer redundancy so will just cut everyone's hours (and pay) in half and see who quits. Drinking as an optionally stress reliever came up last night and it was the first time in ages I have really actually wanted a drink. When I realised I wanted ALL the drink I suddenly snapped out of it. Wow that almost a blog post ha ha.
    Glad you are doing so well SamKD, I so admire you doing this everyday. Hope things improve weather wise your way soon.

  2. Oh I'm so glad to hear from you! I'm trying to be better at checking my blog roll from time to time now that I have more access to my home computer but lots of days it's all I can do to throw down some words of my own to keep myself accountable.

    Your work situation sounds grim so I totally get how those old familiar pathways got re-activated again but GOOD for you getting back out of it! Stress is definitely a trigger for That Voice to start in but now we have lots more skill in making it go away. Time for extra treats for yourself though - a nice long bath, a new library book, binge-watching something...anything that seems like a little reward for not just slogging through bad work-stuff but doing it _sober_ because you -did- make That Voice go away. Go you!