Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 286

I'm blogging from an Actual Computer with an Actual Keyboard and it's pretty freaking amazing. Not only that but it's MY Actual Computer, at which I don't think I've sat since maybe Christmastime. First it was the leg then it was sharing with family then the video card went out then it was more sharing with family...but now I've got the family room all to myself and my computer all to myself too - how amazing is that?

I'm also glad that the ratio of good stuff to bad stuff finally seems to be improving today. Woke up feeling truly wretched with aches and stuffiness and a headache over one eye and an attitude so rotten it was all I could do not to snap at everyone...and the weather had pickled up seriously in the night with a drop in temperature of some 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Dragged myself through the stuff I needed to do at work with an unexpected pause for a power outage which lasted a good 32 seconds before the generators kicked in. Of course it takes a lot longer than 32 seconds to reboot a work computer and restart all the programs. Pushed hard because I needed to leave at lunchtime for the radiator-repair guy...but when I got home the power here was STILL out.  Had to cancel the repair which just infuriated me no end since this was going to be the second visit anyhow because the first time he didn't have the right parts.

This would be when I had three bowls of cereal for lunch. Two Frosted Flakes, one Cinnamon Toast Crunch and two of the three with chocolate syrup. Then I took aspirin, curled up on the couch under a thick afghan (no power equals no plumbing or heat either) and alternated sulking with reading from my iPhone Kindle app. Power came on about 3 hours after I'd come home...pretty much right at the point when it was too late in the day to call about maybe getting the radiator repair guy out after all.

Eventually the aspirin took the edge off my headache and I went about making the from-scratch veggie burgers I'd planned to make earlier in the day. They turned out really tasty; glad the recipe makes six because it means I have some for another day. The other good thing which happened is that the dog seems to be getting a _little_ used to the cats finally. There's still miles and miles to go before we're anywhere close to Peaceable Kingdom but he isn't -constantly- barking when they're loose.

Despite all the annoyances and generally irritated mood I never even thought about drinking.  The neural pathways seem finally to be getting wired in other directions since this was exactly the sort of day which in the past would have had me driving to the liquor store earlier than usual. That feels pretty good.


  1. I am so glad!
    I had to laugh about the cereal with chocolate syrup!
    I've done that too!
    Happy Day 286

  2. Oh I'm glad not to be the only one!