Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 290

Off-kilter day.

Woke up too early out of a weird dream which seemed relevant at the time but is now totally gone forever. I'm always grateful for the good solid sleep, of course...and glad the waking up is never sweaty and thirsty with a pounding heart wondering what the hell im doing to myself. I've said before and will say again now that good sleep is, all by itself, reason enough to quit and "oh I can't anymore...even one just totally wrecks my sleep these days" is a plenty solid social reason.

But it was still far too early.

Work out of synch - went in late because I finally took boy-beagle to get his shots updated. Then my noon meeting ran long because of an unsettling personnel issue. Last minute rehearsal for Youngest meant I was rushing dinner and somewhere along the way I got -really- chilled. Buried myself under blankets on the couch till time to fetch her and it seems better...but "off-kilter" really fits this day.

Had a big wave of petulant resentment in the late afternoon/early evening too. Didn't -say- anything about it and am pleased I avoided being passive-aggressive and snippy the way I have in the past...and it eventually abated. I'm hoping an early bedtime will keep it away.

Two hundred and ninety days, though...that's cool no matter what else is happening. Gonna try to hold onto that thought as I drift to sleep.


  1. It is cool!
    It's so fun to see you moving forward!

  2. Thanks! It's cool doing it too.