Thursday, March 30, 2017

Day 314

Weird day.

Drove down to the other house and early on saw a bald eagle fly across the highway to roost in a tree - I actually gasped with delight. It took almost 50 years but the DDT ban worked: they are coming back.

Got too tired and hungry on the trip though despite bringing along some cheese. Had planned to stop at a local-to-this-house deli on my way in to get myself a drink and something to eat but it was right at noon and parking lot looked crowded so I thought "Nah, it will be fine; I will still have Lipton from last time or Eldest will have gotten more because she knows I am coming." Guess what? No tea. That - and choosing to be a good sport about it - was enough to send me into a huge spiral of resentment which only improved a little after I made tea. Every minor issue became Just One More Thing and there were LOTS of little minor issues.  It's only now that I am in bed that I am finally starting to emotionally unwind.

I keep thinking I -ought- to be happier to be here. It's the first time I've seen Spouse in four or five weeks and although I -am- happy it is also tempered with annoyance at how he and Eldest can manage to blow complexity into just about any damned thing. I know people are like wood and some just burn hotter than others and probably by morning I'll get my sea legs (how's that for mixing metaphors?!) but it was all a little much this afternoon and evening. 

On the other hand there is not only no snow but our azelea bush is blooming. That's not nothing.

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